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Dog Boarding Kennels, Yeovil




Each individual Kennel is heated with a heat lamp and each dog has access to it’s own covered external run that is available throughout the day (weather permitting). Dogs are also provided with sole use of the secure grass exercise enclosure regularly throughout the day. Please note Dogs will be let out on an individual kennel basis therefore if Dogs from same household are sharing they will be let out to play and interact together. Under no circumstances will Dogs be allowed to mix with other boarders at all.




We encourage our customers to bring in their pet’s own clean bedding from home as this will help them settle and alleviate any undue stress as it will provide a familiar scent and can comfort them during their stay here with us. However, if required we can supply individual beds complete with vet bedding which is changed on a regular basis.


Collection & Delivery Service


We do offer a collection and delivery service please contact us for further information if this is something that may be required.




Before arrival at Venery Lodge Boarding Kennels your dog will be required to be up to date with all vaccinations.


All dogs must be vaccinated against Canine Parvovirus, Distemper, Leptospirosis, infectious Canine Hepatitis and Kennel Cough.


We will require to see proof of the following:



Please be aware that if your dog has never been vaccinated before or their annual booster has lapsed then they may require a course of two vaccinations prior to their stay at Venery Lodge.


PLEASE NOTE: If your dog is booked in and on arrival a full vaccination card is not provided or vaccinations are out of date full payment will be required even though your dog will be unable to board.




In our experience we feel that it is more beneficial for your dog to remain on his/her normal diet when staying away from home so therefore encourage our customers to bring in their Dog’s own food as this ensures continuity and avoids further stress to your Dog. Measuring aids and written instructions would also be welcomed. If required, of course we can provide food. Venery Lodge Boarding Kennels now stock Dr John Dog Food. We stock the following ranges: Dr John Grain Free Chicken & Potato, Dr John Hypoallergenic Lamb with Rice, Dr John Hypoallergenic Chicken, Dr John Titanium, Dr John Gold, Dr John Silver and Dr John Puppy.


Medication/Medical Conditions


On arrival each dog will be given a health check and all bookings are accepted on the basis that your dog is fit and well and we ask that we are kept informed prior to booking of any change to your dog’s health to ensure that it is possible for your dog to be accepted for boarding at Venery Lodge.


Please note admittance will be refused on arrival if your dog shows any symptoms of possible infectious illnesses i.e. Kennel Cough etc.